Last Seen series by photographer Jason Hynes describes the locations of eight missing people, capturing an absence of life within each frame.

The photographs offer a distorted, diffused reflection of life and the loss of it, each image containing empty landscapes with no signs of life anywhere, a haunting reminder of the life that has literally been lost. Last Seen is a collection of sad histories, photographic portraits of the places missing people were last seen, questioning our relationship to public space and personal encounter.

The subject matter is dealt with in a distant, un-voyeuristic manner, which is surprising given how we interpret news and consume imagery. Grey, misty skies and streets; all the photographs appear to have been taken on the same day, though actually taken years apart. This simple unifying factor gives an insight into the dedication and honesty in the artist’s work on the project, wanting each image to belong so they create strength and a place together. Deserted streets and muted colours allow the photographs a sense of melancholy without creating a falsified version of this, it comes across with a natural awareness and brings real sentiment into the work.

 Text by Abi Mitchell