Unwitting Testimony is an anthology of photographs that explore

an intuitive approach to collecting. A sense of place, the passing

of time and a re-reading of identity are prominent themes in this

work, underpinned by a force of subliminal intent.


A hazy, heather dreamscape is juxtaposed against a symmetrical,

abstract rock formation; tension between two sinuous tree

branches refer to an unknown dialogue. A sense of the recording

of time runs through growth rings and is severalised by a natural

monolithic rock structure. Meanwhile, a mass of golden blonde

hair, soft and alive, is scraped back forcibly with a plastic

tortoiseshell hair clip.


Pink tissued blossom and rose petals suggests withheld-roman

-ticism. This combined with childhood drawings of a ballerina, a

self portrait aged 11 and a first birthday card from his aunt, shows

the re-contextualisation of these works through the act of

collecting; they are highlighted and magnified and pushed further

into a new reading.


Unwitting Testimony is a reference to the hidden histories and

subconscious documentation of a life. Every subject has been

photographed for a reason: sometimes unknown or perhaps

for a future investment. Regardless, we are reminded of the passing

of time and the transience of life, only for these photographs to

provide a reminder of a prior narrative-or perhapss the potential

to accept further portrayals.


Alyson Agar